Wedding Throwies

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Based on LED Throwies, many different uses and products have been developed. Not all of them are streetart: wedding throwies are the current trend on american marriages. A paper latern with several LED’s provide a fireproof light.

Wedding LED Throwies

Wedding throwies can be used for the lightening of tables on partys as well as a waymarker. wedding throwies look best when warm white and diffuse LED are used. Thereby the paper latern is indirectly illuminated by a warm glowing light.

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Spotlight LED Throwies

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Regular LED throwies are built from diffuse LED. Diffuse LED are glowing without a light beam.

Spotlight LED Throwies

Crystal Clear LED with a narrow beam angle glow like a spotlight. The difference to conventional LED throwies is that these LED project a light track  to the lighted wall. A wall full of Spotlight LED is not only full of luminescent light points but also illuminated by coloured lightbeams.

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Ready to use LED Throwies

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LED throwies are usually built with sticky tape. The disadvantage of these throwies is that they glow immediately and

Ready to use LED Throwies

exhaust the battery. Thereby large amounts of throwies have to be built just before the event. An alternative to these throwies are so called “Ready to Use LED Throwies”. RTU throwies are built with a shrink hose and an additionally separator, usually cardboard. This separator is positioned on the CR2032 battery, thereby the contact between the battry and the LED is halted. Arount these three components the shrink hose is placed and then shrinked by the use of hot air or a pocket lighter. Thereby the LED is connected firmly with the battery but the circuit is disconnected until the cardboard is pulled out. The advantage about these throwies is that they can be built longt before the event and be simply activated through the extraction of the cardboard.

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LED Ice Spheres

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LED throwies are the coolest thing that can be built with these three components? That’s right - unless it’s winter. A CR2032, a LED, a balloon and 300ml water are the components of a LED ice sphere. Glowing balls made of ice!

LED Ice Sphere blue

LED Ice Spheres are as easy to build like LED Throwies. The LED is taped to the battery so that it’s glowing. To get the contact between the battery and the LED pins more or less waterproof, more sticky tape has to be used. Afterwards the LED with the battery is put into the baloon. The balloon is filled with about 300ml of water and then has to be knotted. After approximately 20 hours in the freezer, the balloon can be cutted of and the result is a glowing ball made of ice.

However, several details have to be considered. The ice-balls only glow bright if the ice is clear. Therefor it has to be considered that the water is dense. Bubble-free water can be produced by boiling water a short time and then cooled down. An alternative is the useage of a cheap 5l can of dead water.

LED Ice Sphere red

To fill the ballon, some preassure is needed. Therefor the clear water has to be filled in a PET bottle. The balloon has to be put over the bottleneck and then filled with preassure.

Before knotting the balloon, it has to be observed that no air is in the ballon. Bubbles are collecting at the top of the balloon so that the Ice Sphere gets a uglily dent.

After unpacking the ice-ball from the balloon it has to be checked that the LED Ice Sphere is stable. The LED is emitting only a little warmth. Nevertheless, this little heat is enough to burst the ice-ball if the ball is not frozen enough.

After building a few tens of LED Throwies Ice Spheres, winter partys can be illuminated, ways can be marked or the balcony or garden can be enlightened.

LED Throwies in ice have a major durableness than in warm temperatures.

LED Ice Sphere green

Some of our test-Ice-Spheres glowed several months in the freezer.

LED Throwie Ice Spheres can be of course assembled with several LEDs like blinking, rainbow or other effect-throwies.

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Rainbow LED Throwies

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There are LED in many different forms, sizes and colours. The colours of the LED are given through the LED chips.

Rainbow LED Throwies

Nowadays they can be produced so small that several LED chips can be embedded in one 10mm LED. Thereby, LED with several colours, colour changes and the full spectrum of all intermediate colours can be realized. Rainbow Throwies are no simple colour changers: These LED are changing their colours through all prismatic colours, controlled by an embedded chip. By different speeds and changing colours, every LED is a mini light show. These

Rainbow throwies one second later

LED are very well suited for building Throwies. A single Rainbow LED Throwie emits already a light show with dozens of different colours and speeds of the colour changes. With 50, 100 or more of them, a metal plate can be illuminated spectacularly. A wall full of Rainbow LED Throwies is not only glowing in all prismatic colours but pulsates in changing colours. Despite of the colour change, Rainbow LED Throwies consume less energy than regular 10mm LEDs. Thereby, with a CR2032 they are glowing one or two days longer than 10mm diffused LEDs.

... and another second later

Rainbow LED Throwies are available in different colour changing speeds. A simple Rainbow LED Throwie is changing its colour every single second, a Lightning Storm Rainbow LED changes it’s colour till thre times per second.

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Cube LED Throwies

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LED Throwies can be combined with every sort of LEDs. The basis for this that the voltage is sufficient to enlighten the

Cube throwies with some gummi bears

Cube throwies with some gummi bears

LED. Cube LEDs are especially suitable for various reasons: The large cubic LEDs are with a diameter of 5mm half a s big as common 10mm LEDs used for Throwies. Even so, the Cube LED have nearly the same luminosity. Visual, the Cube LED look more stylish than diffuse 10mm LED because they emit the light in all directions.

The big advantage of Cube LED is their durability. Cube LED are consuming significantly less energy than a common 10mm LED. They have a duration from several weeks up to months.

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LED Throwies

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LED Throwies are electronic graffiti.

As the native city, New York has a long and tumultuous history of street art. Since the beginning, the artistic expression by spray can was branded as vandalism. While graffiti was  for the young creatives art and an artistic

LED Throwies

LED Throwies

expression, the homeowners and the city council considered it as damage to property whom had to be removed cost-intensively.

The Graffiti Research Lab in New York is exploring street art in the electronic age. With enthusiasm, the possibilities of the current technologies in street art by light is put into practice. Laser tagging, night writing and beamerwriting are innovations the GRL invented in the last years. The ideas of the GRL are replicated by the web-community and are blazed around the globe.

Midyear 2006, James Powderly and Evan Roth invented in the Graffiti Research Lab an innovative concept:

LED Throwies

A light, based on three components, built in ten seconds with sticky tape and adhering on metal.

A CR2032 battery, a N45 neodym magnet an a 10mm LED. The electronic solution of striking simplicity in graffiti was found.

After only a short time, the idea was spread around the world. Meanwhile, LED Throwies have a numerous application spectrum and are an integral part of modern internet and geek-culture.

LED Throwie events are arranged worldwide and the application spectrum is manifold. LED Throwies are used as street art, on demos, in advertisement, as an eyecatcher at exhibitions or as lightening on partys. Based on the oroginal idea, various derivates has been developed.

LED Throwies became a symbol of the playful handling with technology in the urban society.

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LED Throwies special colours

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Although LEDs are available in all prismatic colours, on LED throwie events almost entirely red, green, blue and yellow LEDs are used. The main reason for that is that these colours are the cheapest. Here some LED Throwies in other colours who look great.

Super pink LED Throwies

Super Pink LED Throwies:

Super Pink LED Throwies have no particular aplication area. Except that they are realy super-pink.

Orange LED Throwies:

LED Throwies orange

Orange LED Throwies. Maybe especially interesting for the dutch. Apart from that a realy fancy colour for a LED Throwie.

White LED Throwies

White LED Throwies:

White LED Throwies are also known as Wedding Throwies. Therefor usually not diffuse LEDs are used. The spotlighting white crystal clear LEDs are placed in paper laterns. The effect is romantic glimmer of light on festivals or weddings. The advantage about wedding-throwies is that they can’t blaze up the paper latern in an accident when the party gets a litle bit wilder.

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LED Throwies and the natural environment

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LED Throwies after fun …

Depending of the type of the Throwie, the battery empties after a few days, weeks or months. No reason to trash the whole Throwie.

The CR2032 battery is a lithium button cell. Contrary to AAA batteries they contain neither acids nor toxins.

LED Throwie parts

Nevertheless the inclosed lithium isn’t innocuous. A damaged button cell should never be touched with bare hands. Corroded batteries can leak the lithium into the environment, which is commuted to nonvenomous lithium hydroxide. Compared to alkaline batteries, they are considerably fewer harmful to the environment. However, not entirely unobjectionable.

The button cells should be collected and public disposed on waste collection places. In the worst case, they end up in the trash and will be burned in Waste incineration plants to oxygen and dross.

Throwie LEDs are practically indefinitely durable. A modern LED is glowing between 10.000 and 30.000 hours. This is equivalent to several years of continuous operation. From the recollected LED throwies, the battery can easily picked and replaced with new batteries for another event. Though, if the LED is moistened, the pins will begin to corrode.

LED Throwie magnets are galvanized slices of neodym. These does not harm the environment and can be disposed in the household garbage. These Throwie magnets can be be reused as often as required.

LED Throwies work under high temperatures, underwater or in snow. As long as the cathode and the  anode have contact to the battery, the LED glows under any condition. This entices to use LED Throwies not only on Houses, bridges and subways but in free nature.

In cities, LED Throwies are recollected byself or the public cleansing service will dispose them. As wedding-throwies, waymarker and for similar applications, LED are often used in free nature. For several days, this is completely harmless. All the same, the LED-Throwies should be recollected before the batteries begin to rust.

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